Papers and Articles

To-morrow in America. In 1898, the English town planner, Ebenezer Howard, published an illustrated book with a planning vision that would shape suburban land use patterns for much of the 20th century; meanwhile, his legal and financial structures would influence the development of cooperative affordable housing in New York City. This paper briefly examines the impact of To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, and its influence on American land use and cooperative housing.

Efficient Land Use for Metropolitan Housing. Late Victorian apartment buildings in New York City were shaped by an adherence to many traditional town planning principles. This paper considers that history, and also how long-neglected architectural devices like courtyards and alleys were used to bring significantly higher housing densities to traditionally-scaled neighborhoods on a lot-by-lot basis. A version of this piece is now published at The American Conservative.

Halsey Street Commons Redevelopment Plan.  This is a draft redevelopment plan for vacant properties at the western edge of downtown Newark, N.J. It was written pursuant to the rules of New Jersey’s L.R.H.L. Conceptually, it seeks to recover qualities of the neighborhood’s historical urban fabric, and to incorporate these into a new stock of housing and commercial space.

Newark TOD: Capitalizing on Historic Assets. 2010 piece, originally published in the Metro New York TOD Newsletter, describing the layout, transportation infrastructure, and T.O.D. potential of Newark, N.J.

Public Use Takings: a Comparison of U.S. and N.J. Approaches.  This law school research paper looks at the jurisprudence of eminent domain, and examines which activities constitute legitimate public uses under federal and New Jersey law. It received an A+ from a retired Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. 🙂