What will your town be like in twenty years?

Now is the time to build the foundation.

Municipal officials have a unique prerogative to craft the physical characteristics of the places they call home.  Unfortunately, right now, many town and city leaders are forgoing a special opportunity to make enduring plans whose benefits could accrue for generations to come. Done right, town planning is more than a technical endeavor to facilitate traffic flows or encourage daily commerce.  It is a tangible legacy that can be passed from one generation to the next, investing a municipality with valuable physical assets, improving its aesthetic qualities, expanding its tax base, and increasing long-term property values.

But achieving a good plan can be tricky, and the requisite process can be daunting.  First, the right legal tools must be selected.  Then, time-tested planning approaches must be chosen, and precisely customized to address the unique geographies, building stocks, atmospheres, and economies of individual places.  Community priorities need to be worked out.  Mistakes can be costly and their consequences permanent.  But a good plan can be priceless.

Legal Towns is here to help.  We have the ability to study, recommend, and draft alternative solutions for your community.  Whether you are looking for sustainable ways to increase a particular sector of your ratables, to create a more vibrant and walkable business district, to improve the components of your town’s streetscapes, or simply to ensure that all new developments are as built as attractively as possible, we can help show the way.

What will your legacy be?